To connect Ecwid to your PaidShipping account:

  1. On the PaidShipping dashboard, navigate to the New Integration page by clicking Here, or the left hand side, under Integrations, select New Integration

  2. Click on Connect to Ecwid

  3. Enter in Store Name and select customer notification preferences as desired.
  4. Toggle Real Time Rates (if desired)
  5. Enter in the length, width and height for the default box. Note: This is only used if dimensions are missing
  6. Select the checkboxes next to Signature Required, Include Residential Surcharge, and Include Insurance (as desired)
  7. Toggle quoting based on individual item dimensions or packaged items (uses your boxes in your box library to determine which box will fit the cart items and then quotes based on that box)
  8. Toggle Handling Fees (if desired)
  9. Click Connect once finished

  10. Next, login to your Ecwid store

  11. Click Accept to allow the ShipTime application to be installed