How do I manage my team?


Updating Team Member Information.

  • Click  on the left-hand menu.


  • Click 


  • Click directly on the User to bring up their information panel. 


  • Make any required changes then Click


You can change any of the information in the panel at any point, the changes will be reflected immediately upon the next login for the updated user. If they are currently logged in, have them log out and back in to see the changes reflected.


Deleting Team Members

  • Click the  on the left side of the team member you need to delete.
    1. You can delete multiple users at once if needed, simply click the next to each.


  • Click the  drop-down.


  • Click


  • Click


Note: Deleted user data cannot be recovered by support so double check to make sure you are deleting the correct users! If any are deleted by accident, you will need to recreate them yourself.