To add a product:

If this is the first product you are adding:

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Select PaidCart

  3. Under the Account Setup Checklist, click on Add a Product

  4. Enter in following information
    1. Name of Product
    2. Model Number (SKU or Name)
    3. Description of Product
    4. Brand, Categories, and Related Products (if any)
    5. Set the status as Enable or Disable
    6. Enter in Shipping information if applicable

    7. Inventory Information:
      1. Location
      2. Price (Required)
      3. SKU
      4. Barcode
      5. Quantity (Required)
      6. Minimum Quantity
      7. Tax Class
      8. Date Available
      9. Shipping (if applicable)
    8. Select Add image to add an image of the product.
    9. Finally, enter in any Discount, additional Attibutes, Options, as well as the SEO information. Once completed, click Save

If a product has already been added:

  1. Select All Products under the Products heading, and then Add Product