The general information area of the options allows merchants to update their general merchant contact information as well as manage their user accounts.

Account Information
Merchants can modify their general contact information by editing the fields and clicking "Save". A merchant should keep their information up to date to prevent any downtime.

User Accounts
Merchants have many options when it comes to their user accounts. Merchants can add users to give multiple individuals access to their Merchant control panel.

Adding A User
To add a user, the merchant simply clicks on "Click Here to Add a New User Account" underneath the list of users. They are then presented with the form that must be completed in order to add the user.

User Information
The user information section allows a merchant to set a user's contact information as well as their unique username and password.

The permissions section allows merchants to give users permission to only the sections necessary. These permissions include:

Access To Virtual Terminal
Give access to manually process transactions

Access Recurring/Installment
Give access to add and modify recurring/installment transactions

Credit Existing Transactions
Give access to credit transactions that were processed through Paid, Inc..

Create New Credits
Give access to create new refunds based on transactions outside of the Paid, Inc. system.
NOTE: This option must be enabled on the merchant's account.

Upload Transactions
Give access to upload a batch of transactions to be processed

Access Trans Reports
Give access to search for transactions through the transaction reports section.

Access Administrative Options
Give access to modify options, including user accounts, within the options section of the merchant Control Panel

The notifications section allows merchants to send system notifications to the particular user. These notifications include:

Receive Transaction Receipts
Send a transaction receipt to the user for every transaction processed

Receive Upload Summaries
Send an upload summary to the user for every batch uploaded

Receive Settlement Summaries
Send a settlement summary of all transaction settled to the user

Receive Developer Notifications
Send any API/Integration updates or newsletters to the user

Receive Admin. Notifications
Send Scheduled Downtime or administrative notifications to the user

Receive Regular Newsletters
Send Newsletters regarding the Paid, Inc.1 system, updates, and industry news to the user

Modifying A User
A user can be modified by clicking on the user's name in the list of users. To get a description of the options, see the "Adding A User" section.

NOTE: The primary user's permissions CANNOT be changed.  The user is allowed to access all areas of the merchant control panel.

Deleting A User
To delete a user, click the user's name and click "Delete User". Upon confirming the deletion, the user will be deleted.

NOTE: The primary user CANNOT be deleted.