There are multiple ways to incorporate the payment gateway within a website or mobile device. These options vary based upon ease of integration, required resources, features, and additional security.

API Specifics can be found here: PaidPayments Integration Portal


Transaction Request APIs

Three-Step Redirect API

  • The Three-Step Redirect is the preferred API for customized web-based payment processing. Using this integration method significantly reduces a merchant's PCI footprint without sacrificing end-user look and feel. This method is required when using Verified by Visa/Mastercard SecureCode (Payer Authentication).

Direct Post API

  • The Direct Post method is the simplest integration method for both web-based and non-web-based payment applications, however, merchants using this integration method should have passed a PCI vulnerability scan before use.


  • Collect.js provides access to a popup form which securely captures payment data and generates a "token". The token is then used with the Direct Post API instead of raw credit card or bank account data. The popup form is technically a separate page hosted by the gateway, so no payment information touches the merchant's site. This allows merchants to minimize their PCI-compliance footprint, with minimal changes to the customer experience.

Mobile SDK

  • The Mobile SDK supports iOS and Android-based devices. These SDKs include a mobile card reader library which simplifies integrations for applications requiring encrypted mobile card readers. Additionally, an end-to-end encryption library is included, allowing merchants to send both swiped and keyed-in payment information without ever touching any sensitive data.

EMV Chip Card SDK

  • The EMV Chip Card SDK is a Windows-based software development kit that abstracts the complexities of interfacing directly with hardware terminals.

Transaction Retrieval API

Query API

  • The Query API allows merchants to download a detailed stream of transaction data. This dataset can then be used to create in-house reports and analytics.

Turnkey Shopping Carts

QuickClick Shopping Cart

  • QuickClick is a great option for e-commerce merchants who do not have an IT team or developer on staff. A button-generator is included, which allows merchants to create website links to products and services without any previous development experience.

Third-Party Shopping Carts

  • There are a number of third party shopping carts that have integrated into the payment gateway. This is the best option for merchants who need a full-featured turn-key shopping cart out of the box.